Talas Raw-Silk Scarf

Talas Raw-Silk Scarf


Handwoven raw-silk scarves.
These scarves are made of local silk in Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan. First, the yarn is spun in 2 stages - using machines and manual sorting. It allows to minimize waste. Then trained weavers set the yarn on hand looms to create yardage. It takes 5 hours to weave 1 meter of raw silk. Maximum width of the fabric is 65cm (25.5”).

Made by a traditional textile workshop located in Fergana region of Uzbekistan. It educates and employs women from surrounding rural area. Yusuf, a production manager of the shop, claims that their biggest issue is master’s drop out after getting married or getting too busy with kids.

Material: 100% handloom and handwoven silk

Care: Please treat it with care due to delicate nature of the product. Wash by hand and air dry.

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