Journey. Kyrgyzstan

Sourcing artisan-partners for dotta was a challenging but truly rewarding task! It brought me places I haven't planned or knew about. First, the research trip was supposed to start in Moscow with a talented jewelry maker, but life took a different course. I had only one phone number of an artisan in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) that was potentially interesting and interested to collaborate. After contacting her with a detailed message, I got a response which could be summed up in one line - "just come". 

That may seem as outdated research method for a startup, but the truth is most handworkers in the region have practically no online presence. So I took a flight (and a chance), which triggred a whole chain of events, meetings, experiences and my unfolded infatuation with Central Asia. Many doors have opened for the project in Bishkek, and further in Naryn Region, Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan and back in Russia.

Below is a small selection of shots I took along the way (Part 1, Kyrgyzstan). There are no artistic objective for the photography, rather a desire to document faces and places that inspire dotta. One of the intentions of this startup is to share information. Nothing challenges ignorance more than a dialogue. Bridging cultures makes us learn about the Other and see humans behind abstract masses. It helps to relate instead to isolate in the world full of political complexities.

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Sasha Bromberg