Before You Shop

First, thank you! Thank you for choosing a different model, that is less focused on transactional conveniency and standards.

We believe, that everything is relational. Objects are experiences that should be considered amid various relations they are triggered by and cause. Objects spark events, mark memories, ask questions and translate our primary choices. Here, shopping is essentially an act of investment into both, functions and ideas.

Please remember, dotta's products are made by artisans. What does this mean? 
Artisanal piece are not about instant gratification and take time to make! It also means:

  • unique nature of each product, that may vary slightly in color, dimensions or weight
  • manual process with little relience on machinery
  • producing small, manageable collections
  • giving the same value to the human hand as to the material
  • recognizing, that handmade traditions are declining worldwide while you are reading these lines

We carry a small inventory, though most of the items are made to order. Please email us ( with your preferences or questions about a garment. After an order is placed our artisan-partner will start MAKING it for you. It may seem as a feeble turnover, but reality is that for some masters even few orders build their essential volume and earnings. 

Dotta is not about helping to “the developing world”. The artisans we work with are our teachers and advisers. The project seeks no charity, but giving voices to those who have little presence in the global dialogue. 

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