A simple patch on a vintage suzani blanket in Tashkent.  Mending is better than ending!

A simple patch on a vintage suzani blanket in Tashkent.  Mending is better than ending!


Dotta Project was founded to foster artisan labor in the post-soviet space. It's interested in existing handmade traditions and new cultural / financial bridges for many under-represented communities in Central Asia, Russia and the Caucasus. 

The project centers around three activities: supporting artisans via e-commerce, exploring vintage textiles and connecting brands with masters for auspicious collaborations.
It advocates more mindful consumption that is about a long-term relationship, cherishing unique nature of things and the way they age.

We find beauty and inspiration in odd, alive and natural things, in travel journals, overheard conversations, Orthodox murals, Kyrgyz bazaars, window curtains of rural Russia, in family jokes, Circassian songs, dialects, Samarkand embroideries, imperfect gardens, in cultural character and in being not too serious about life.

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The Process

Featured garments are handcrafted in small shops with application of local traditions. Our artisan partners are family cooperatives, women SME and community centers. 

Currently we collaborate with 6 artisan collectives (in the Ural Mountains/Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan) and personally know every person. You can find informtion about each involved master in the product descriptions.

The project embraces sustainable practices: fair pay, craft preservation and usage of local resources.  To ensure integrity, our collections come as limited editions of manageable and ethical scale. This allows for the careful quality check and the consideration of environmental concerns.

Dotta is not a fashion brand, but rather a platform for creative collaboration that offers an alternative to mass production, that gives voices to those who have minimal presence in the global market. 

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